'Everyone is different' - A little book with a BIG message 🌈

'Everyone is different' - A little book with a BIG message 🌈

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EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!  A little book with a BIG message 🌈

'Everyone is different' is my first childrens book. This is a self publish project, I only made 25 copies to begin with, but now they have proven so popular I have printed more!Β 

I have always dreamt of making a book for young children, so rather than waiting around, I have gone in head first- I've written and illustrated this little book. It may be small, but its message is big! This book highlights the fundamental differences between us all, no two of us are the same- we are all unique in our own way. Through the pages of this book, I have illustrated these simple differences, from hair and eye colour to our fingerprints...We are all different! Life would be boring if we were all the same, right? As a red head I have learnt to accept and embrace being a little different. To celebrate what makes us individual, that's what this book is all about.Β 

This book is A5 size- with 16 pages, 7 double page spreads with a colourful illustrated cover, printed on lovely recycled paper using ethical inks.Β 

The perfect book to open up the conversations about self awareness, diversity and celebrating that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, and that’s pretty awesome right?!Β 

Each book comes giftwrapped in my eco friendly tissue paper and with an animal postcard thrown in too :) Which animal will you get?Β 

I hope you enjoy this book xΒ